Harley Davidson Golf Cart


Harley Davidson, yes that Harley Davidson, did in fact produce golf carts starting as early as the 1960s! In 1963, William Davidson joined the Harley company, and Harley-Davidson began producing brand new golf carts for consumers. Notably, HD kicked-off their entry to the golf cart market with the 3-wheel models with a 245cc dual-cycle single-cylinder air-cooled engine.

Today these carts have become collectible amongst both Harley-Davidson enthusiast, and rare golf cart collectors alike. Scroll down to browse all current Harley Davidson golf carts available for sale in the USA!

Harley Davidson Golf Cart

Harley Davidson Golf Cart

The 'Classic' Harley-Davidson body style has a deep lift-back body. The early models of this cart were 3-wheelers, with a regular style 4-wheeled cart being offered later in HD's production runs. The major unique feature of the 3-wheel Harley Davidson golf cart was the tiller style steering handle. This tiller steering bar was used instead of a traditional steering wheel.

The “lift-back” body style name came from the fact that the entire rear body of the golf cart lifted and hinged rearward, revealing the entire engine compartment at the back of the cart.

Harley Davidson manufactured golf carts for 19 years, with the “classic” body style chaging little over that time period.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart for Sale

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