ICON Golf Cart

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ICON Golf Cart

ICON Golf Carts For Sale

ICON Electric Vehicles was founded in 2017 in Tampa, FL and has quickly grown into one of the largest volume and fastest growing golf cart manufacturers in the United States. The company prides itself on selling golf carts with ‘more features for less money’ and providing manufacturer direct pricing through its network of dealers. 

ICON saw that many golf cart owners used their carts anywhere BUT the golf course, and understood that carts which are mainly used off the golf course need to have more capabilities than carts that are strictly used for a round of play. This makes sense these days because many people use their golf cart around their neighborhood, on their farm, at professional facilities and more – without ever taking it on a golf course. So ICON answered the call to give people a cart for off the course, direct from the factory, at an affordable price compared to the competition.

There are several ICON golf cart models available on the market today. All ICON golf carts come with a tubular steel chassis with Anti-Corrosive Powder-coating on them.

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