Listing Suggestions for Success!

Taking Photos for Your Listing

Tips & Tricks
Regardless of your photography choice, we recommend doing the following to prepare your golf cart for its BIG pre-listing photo shoot!

  • Wash and detail your golf cart (inside and out). A shiny and clean cart that has been well cared for will attract the best buyer. Your attention to detail when cleaning your cart will show in your pictures, and will be appreciated by potential buyers!

  • Be sure to empty your storage cubbies, cup holders, cargo area, cargo nets, etc., so that buyers can focus on your pictures.

  • If you have golf cart service records or other related ownership documents, please include pictures of those in your listing! We highly recommend covering up any personal information (names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, etc.)!

Walkaround Videos

Listings that feature a video sell 35% faster than listings with no video on them. We strongly recommend taking a couple of short videos of your golf cart. This can be easily done using your smartphone! We recommend shooting a walkaround of the golf cart and a video of it driving (or an engine start-up, if gas) – which gives buyers confidence in their negotiations with you!

We always recommend keeping listing video simple and to the point. If using your cell phone to take your video, we suggest holding it horizontally (sideways) in landscape-orientation, which shows more detail on our site than up-and-down filming! You can then simply upload the video to YouTube or Vimeo and add the link to your listing.